Reflections on 1 year at Twitter

Aug 2022

Today marks 1 year working at Twitter 🎉 I’ve met & worked with so many smart, passionate tweeps here, both virtually & in person. It is gratifying to work on improving a product that I use every day.

In true Twitter fashion, of course I had to share my learnings via tweets

Publishing full text below as well:

Celebrating 1 yr @Twitter ✅ working on improving a product that I use every day has been both a challenging & rewarding experience

What better way to summarize my learnings than to tweet out a 🧵😉:

On people:

1️⃣ Hybrid work culture is a team effort

Simple actions like reaching out to a new coworker over Slack goes a long way to ensuring they feel included. Shout-out to all the amazing tweeps who made my onboarding/time spent online/in office smooth & enjoyable!

2️⃣ Colleagues are passionate about feedback if given the right opportunity

Everyone has a different preference on communication mediums: some are more vocal in 1-1’s, others like to type out structured, detailed responses. Create those spaces for them to talk to you

3️⃣ Trust = consistency + time

When you exhibit a consistent behavior (e.g. timely responses, follow-ups) over a long period of time, people will notice. As a result, they will feel more comfortable depending on you for key projects/initiatives

On product:

4️⃣ Features are often interconnected

An improvement in a fundamental signal can impact various product surfaces from content recommendations to ads to health. Important to pay attention to guardrails & loop in the right cross-functional teams

5️⃣ Data + intuition go hand-in-hand

With more product experience comes more intuition about what works/what doesn’t. However, the most informed intuition starts with understanding the data; they are best used in combination to make product decisions

6️⃣ Improvements in execution has compounding effects

Enabling customers (in my case, MLEs, data scientists, and researchers) to do their work more effectively does not happen overnight. However, each incremental improvement can be scaled horizontally across the organization

On PM:

7️⃣ Talk to customers

Find ways to both qualitatively and quantitatively understand what the customers’ experience is like using your products today. Partner with user research and data science teams for this if your company has those functions

8️⃣ Run efficient meetings

An underrated skill, could be its own thread to explain how to do well. At minimum, consistently set clear agenda, expectations, & outcomes. Have actionable follow-ups and ensure participants are accountable

9️⃣ Embrace changes in scope

Change is the inevitable side effect of any business organization. It will always be a balance b/t juggling projects within your sphere of influence & seeking new responsibilities. Be proactive about adapting to change, and it may generate new opptys

Thx for reading! Looking forward to doing more exciting projects in the areas of user signals & graph ml in #TwitterCortex 🎉