UCLA/Personal Projects


Design, build, and race an autonomous car on a track marked by 1’‘-wide white tape.

First Place at UC Davis NATCAR Competition 2015 Third Place at UCSD Grand PrIEEE NATCAR Competition 2015

Race Video


Create a color palette from input image using Vibrant.js. Try it here.

Blood Flow Visualization

Implemented computer vision algorithms and BFS to isolate cerebral blood vessels, generate vector fields, and produce flow visualizations.

Project Site


Built an Android app that can control the LED colors via bluetooth connection between the phone and the Arduino.


CS Giants

I’ve compiled a list (constantly updated) of notable Computer Science Professors & Researchers, as well as links to some of their papers. Special thanks to Yi Yang for giving me the inspiration to compile this list.


ML/Vision Datasets

A growing list of datasets for training/research in ML/Vision.


“Graduate” - Original Rap/Music Video

I became ‘Frank the Coder’ and rapped about my UCLA Undergraduate Experience. Check out my SoundCloud and Rap Genius annotations!