Hackathon Projects


Use Myo gesture control armband to control AR Parrot drone with 8 degrees of movement.

Top 30 out of 300+ teams at PennApps Spring 2015.

Project Video

MyoDrone on Github


Internet of Things (IoT) themed hardware model home with components such as lighting, door, TV, all controlled using a smartphone, pebble watch, myo armband, and laptop.

First Place out of 200+ competitors at IDEA Hacks 2016.

Project Video

RoboHome on Github

Alexa MD

Hardware IoT project that prompts the user with exposure therapy via Oculus Rift by re-enacting situations that may usually cause them anxiety/distress.

Best Use of Amazon Echo and Best Health Wearable at TreeHacks 2016


Alexa MD on Github


Use Myo armband to send common text messages to any person on a predetermined emergency list using using hand gestures.

Top 4 out of 1000+ competitors at CalHacks 2015.


MyoMessenger on Github


Pebble app that allows users to keep track of their BAC in real time, and give them the option to call an Uber to their location.

Best use of Uber API prize at Hack the North 2015; featured on Devpostā€˜s top projects


HappyHour on Github


Web Application that empowers citizens to explore historical landmarks in their cities by intelligently recommending jogging routes around historical landmarks.


ScenicJogger on Github